How does the courier service work?

Today everyone is working really hard to achieve their goals. People crave everything at lightning speed be it communication, results, internet speed, food delivery, or courier service they want right NOW! Therefore leading marketing professionals are operating to feed this demand. Consequently, prominent brands such as Shree Maruti and Amazon offer Fast-Track Courier Service and One Day delivery systems respectively.

Courier Services provides facilities to transfer your significant documents or commodities from origin to destination.

Dominant Courier Service providers like FedEx, DHL, BluDart, and UPS have different approaches to making their service faster. FedEx relies on air cargo in reference to express delivery. On the other hand, DHL is expanding its network in international shipping. UPS is USA’s dominant Fastrack road courier service provider. While Bluedart is spanning wings in the Indian domestic region.

Simultaneously E-commerce platform Amazon has complicated processes in its Fulfilled facility centers. Goods are divided into 4 categories: Small Sortable, Large Sortable, Large Non-Sortable, and Directly from the seller through DHL/FedEx. Afterward, Packages will be transferred to the nearby Sortation Center. Sending these well-organized goods by the Truck or Air Transport would be the next step. In the final procedure, parcels will be delivered to the local delivery providers or to the final destination.

Prevalent order that domestic courier services follow:

  • In the very first process client e-mails or informs the customer service executive about the destination and category of courier as in a document or carton.
  • The customer service executive allocates this parcel to the field staff who’s available for delivery.
  • Allocated employee confirms the request and picks up the parcel along with the required paperwork.
  • Further couriers are loaded into the cargo truck or the vehicle which leads to the airport.
  • Cargo gets unloaded from the aircraft while shifting to the vehicle heading toward the routing center.
  • Assigned delivery staff will collect and delivers to the destination.

The process might seem effortless however it is tedious while executing. Maintaining documents, GST calculation, accountability of the parcel, and handling multiple clients at the same time make it tiresome. To untangle this exhausting process management Software like cTrunk eases the pace. 

cTrunk software provides all-in-one solutions in one place. Operations such as parcel booking, tracking, accounting, real-time communication with clients and receivers through email and SMS, etc are undertaken. The Dashboard has an entire glimpse of the complete software. Pie charts denote varied courier services and categories of the parcel. The bar chart highlights the business given by the Top5 clients for the whole month. Total bookings, bills pending, and the monthly number of clients and receivers are shown at the top. 

One of the emphasized features of the cTrunk is its inexpensive cost. Your CA can cakewalk with the GST bills as we hand over an integrated report for that. To take leverage of this splendid software, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.