Cargo SaaS Solutions

Cargo Management Software: Unlock Operational Efficiency Across the Supply Chain

Manage your cargo shipments smoothly with cTrunk's SaaS platform. Track your accounts, manage your bills, and manage clients easily with all on one platform.

Managing challenges

Cargo Management Software: Take Command of Your Shipments. Every Step. Every Time.

cTrunk cargo software has emerged as an invaluable asset for shipping providers to manage logistics and compete in a dynamic industry. By centralizing disparate functions into a single platform, courier software facilitates greater coordination across the supply chain. Companies can automate billing, track cargo, and provide shipment visibility and proof of delivery status to customers. Integrations with transportation providers, warehouses, inventory systems, and ecommerce marketplaces also enable valuable data sharing to further heighten efficiency. Additionally, automation features lower administrative workloads.

Traditional operational processes involve manual tasks.
Absence of up-to-the-minute tracking capabilities.
Communication processes that lack effectiveness and optimization.
A billing process characterized by complexity and intricacy.
Restriction in tailoring or personalizing according to specific needs.
Difficulties encountered in managing operations across multiple branches.
Insufficient handling and organization of barcode-related processes.
Absence of accessibility through mobile devices.

Solving Problems

The cTrunk Solution

In the fast-paced world of cargo logistics, precision and efficiency are non-negotiable. cTrunk's innovative cargo management software emerges as a catalyst for revolutionizing daily operations for cargo companies, offering a suite of features that redefines industry standards.

Onboarding Support

Navigating the complexities of new software is seamless with cTrunk's intuitive design, complemented by a proficient support crew. The software ensures a smooth onboarding process, empowering cargo companies to harness its capabilities from the get-go.

Migration Support & Customization

Transitioning to cTrunk is a stress-free experience with its seamless import feature. The software simplifies the migration process, ensuring a consolidated and smooth transfer of existing bookings, minimizing downtime and disruptions. Cargo companies can elevate their brand presence with cTrunk's white label offering. From logos to invoices, the software permits extensive personalization, presenting a professional brand image to clients.

Integration with Other Courier Companies

Forge strong partnerships by synchronizing schedules effortlessly with partner courier companies. cTrunk facilitates integration, fostering collaboration and maximizing operational efficiency.

Invoice Settlements

Streamline the invoicing process with cTrunk's easy access to invoice totals. Cargo companies can download and dispatch invoices via email directly from the portal, ensuring efficiency in financial transactions.

Automated Billing & Barcode Management

Experience efficiency in billing processes with cTrunk's automated invoice generation. Invoices are conveniently delivered to cargo companies' inboxes, saving time and reducing manual workload. Enhance accuracy and traceability with cTrunk's barcode management. Effectively manage unique barcodes assigned to each parcel or document, optimizing cargo tracking processes.

Detailed Reporting

Enable data-driven decisions with cTrunk's detailed reporting feature. Cargo companies can generate in-depth reports on parcels, carriers, and various logistic components, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their operations.

Smart Revenue Monitoring

Track and analyze financial metrics effortlessly with cTrunk's smart revenue monitoring. The software consolidates all relevant data in one place, providing cargo companies with valuable insights for strategic planning.

Smart Inward-Outward Parcel Tracking

Optimize the handling of incoming and outgoing deliveries with cTrunk's smart parcel tracking. The software simplifies operations, making them quicker and more efficient.

cTrunk Mobile App

Experience the power of cTrunk's courier software on the go with the mobile app. Cargo companies can stay connected and manage operations anytime, anywhere, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

The cTrunk Impact

cTrunk's courier software stands as a transformative tool for cargo companies, offering a seamless, customizable, and efficient solution that propels them to new heights in the competitive landscape of cargo logistics.


Frequently Asked Questions

cTrunk offers support during the migration process to ensure a consolidated transfer of existing bookings. The software is designed to minimize downtime and disruptions, making the transition smooth and stress-free for cargo companies.

cTrunk's reporting feature allows cargo companies to generate in-depth reports on parcels, carriers, and different logistic components. These reports provide valuable insights, enabling companies to analyze and optimize their operations for better efficiency.

Cargo management software, like cTrunk, is a powerful tool designed to streamline logistics operations. It helps businesses with tasks such as onboarding, migration support, customization, website integration, and seamless collaboration with partner courier companies. With features like email/SMS notifications, detailed reporting, and user-friendly dashboards, it ensures efficient management and tracking across multiple branches, making cargo and logistics operations more organized and productive.