cTrunk Features

Features for Courier Companies

cTrunk offers a range of features designed to cater to businesses in the logistics sector, whether they operate a small courier service or have multiple branches. Serving as an all-in-one platform for managing logistics operations, cTrunk provides a robust booking and automatic billing system, supports onboarding and data migration, allows customization with business logos and other essential information, and facilitates the seamless operation of multiple branches.

Features & Functionalities

Explore Unique cTrunk Features

Onboarding Support

cTrunk's intuitive design is complemented by a proficient support crew, ready to guide you through the initial stages of utilizing our software solution.

Migration Support

cTrunk simplifies your transition by enabling a seamless import of your existing bookings, ensuring a consolidated and smooth transfer.


Our comprehensive white-label offering permits extensive personalization, from logos and shipment labels to invoices, notification emails, SMS messages, and more.

Website Integration

Seamlessly blend your website with cTrunk to accurately present your business details and enhance your credibility with clients.

Integration with Other Courier Companies

Synchronize your schedules effortlessly with partner courier companies by integrating their data into our software.

Email/SMS Notifications

Configure alerts for specific booking events to be dispatched via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, such as successful delivery notifications for senders.

Invoice Settlements

Access and download invoice totals directly from the portal, with the option to dispatch them via email.

User and Department Management

Accommodate three users per account per branch, with distinct roles and permissions, allowing for different departments to manage invoicing and other tasks independently.


cTrunk's dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of crucial metrics such as total bookings, outstanding invoices, new customers for the month, and monthly revenues.

Detailed Reporting

With cTrunk, generate in-depth reports pertaining to parcels, carriers, and various logistic components.

SMS and Email Support

cTrunk offers real-time delivery notifications to recipients via SMS and Email once their parcel is delivered.

Smart Revenue Monitoring

cTrunk allows for easy tracking and analysis of your financial metrics, all in one place.

Smart Inward-Outward Parcel Tracking

cTrunk simplifies the handling of incoming and outgoing deliveries, making operations quicker and more efficient.

cTrunk Mobile App

Experience all these features of cTrunk's courier software on the go with the mobile app.