Logistics SaaS Solutions

Logistics management software: cTrunk's Smart Solutions for Seamless logistics Management.

Logistics made easy with cTrunk Courier software! Manage end-to-end shipment workflows to simplify your logistics workflow.

Managing Challenges

Enhancing Logistics Efficiency with cTrunk Logistics Software.

In today's fast-paced logistics industry, efficient management of logistics operations is essential. A leading logistics company struggles with manual process inefficiencies and a lack of real-time visibility in operations. They need a solution to streamline their processes, improve customer service, and boost their online presence. That's when they discover cTrunk.

Manual Operations
Lack of Real-Time Tracking
Inefficient Communication
Complicated Billing Process
Limited Customization
Challenges in Multi-Branch Management
Inadequate Barcode Management
No Mobile Access

Solving Problems

The cTrunk Solution

cTrunk, with its intuitive design and proficient support crew, offers them a comprehensive logistics software solution. The onboarding support guides them through the initial stages, and the migration support enables a seamless transition of their existing bookings into the cTrunk platform.

Customization and Integration

cTrunk’s white label offering allows them to personalize elements such as logos, shipment labels, invoices, and notification emails. The seamless company showcasing feature helps logistics businesses professionally present their business details and enhance their credibility with clients.

Efficient Operations Management

Through cTrunk's dashboard, they can monitor crucial metrics like total bookings, outstanding invoices, new customers for the month, and monthly revenues. The smart inward-outward parcel tracking and barcode management features help companies handle incoming and outgoing deliveries more efficiently.

Email/SMS Notifications

cTrunk's robust Email/SMS notifications feature ensures that customers of the logistics company receive prompt updates on their parcel's status, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction in the delivery process.

Multi-Branch Support

With its multi-branch support, cTrunk empowers logistics companies to efficiently coordinate and manage operations across diverse branches. This capability fosters a seamless and centralized approach to logistics management, enhancing overall organizational effectiveness.

Automated Billing

Streamlining billing processes, cTrunk's automated billing feature simplifies the generation and delivery of invoices for the logistics company. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces manual effort, contributing to increased operational efficiency.

Mobile Access with cTrunk App

The cTrunk mobile app offers logistics companies the flexibility of on-the-go access to all essential features. This mobile accessibility enhances the efficiency of logistics operations by providing real-time insights and control, ensuring that businesses can stay connected and responsive in a dynamic environment.

The cTrunk Impact

With cTrunk, these logistics enterprise transformed its logistics operations, resulting in improved efficiency, better customer satisfaction, and increased online visibility. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, cTrunk's logistics management software can help you streamline your logistics, enhance customer service, and grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Real-time tracking in logistics courier software involves the use of recording all incoming and outgoing parcels to keep track of the parcels and daily income/expenses. This feature enables logistics companies and customers to track the status of shipments, ensuring transparency and accurate delivery estimations.

Yes, cTrunk’s courier software solutions are designed with multi-branch support. They facilitate efficient management of logistics operations across various branches, ensuring seamless coordination, centralized control, and improved communication among different locations.

A logistics management system, like cTrunk, is a helpful tool that makes running a delivery business easier. It helps you with different tasks like tracking parcels, managing invoices, and even sending notifications to customers about successful deliveries. With features like a user-friendly dashboard, onboarding support, and seamless website integration, it simplifies the way you handle bookings, invoices, and other important aspects of your delivery operations. It's like a smart assistant for your logistics business, making everything smoother and more organized.