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Transport operations Management Made Smart with seamless courier operations now! Manage your assets, Cargos and important information with cTrunk courier software!

Managing Challenges

Transport management software: Enhancing the transport pipeline

In the fast-paced world of logistics, transport companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their daily operations. Enter cTrunk, a cutting-edge courier software program designed to revolutionize the way transport companies manage their shipments. This is how cTrunk's feature-rich platform addresses key challenges and propels operational efficiency.

Traditional, hands-on tasks.
No instant tracking.
Poor communication effectiveness.
Complex and confusing billing.
Inflexible adjustments.
Difficulty managing multiple locations.
Poor barcode handling.
Lack of phone or tablet accessibility.

Solving Problems

The cTrunk Solution

Onboarding Support and Migration Ease

cTrunk's journey begins with user-friendly onboarding support, ensuring a seamless transition for transport companies. A proficient support crew stands ready to guide users through the initial stages, setting the stage for a hassle-free experience. The software goes a step further with migration support, simplifying the transition by enabling the seamless import of existing bookings. This consolidated approach ensures a smooth transfer of data, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Customization and Business Details Integration

A standout feature of cTrunk lies in its comprehensive white-label offering, allowing transport companies to personalize every aspect of their operations. From logos and shipment labels to invoices, notification emails, and SMS messages, cTrunk empowers businesses to create a unique brand identity. The integration of the software with company details enhances credibility, providing clients with accurate and up-to-date business details.

Integration with Partner Courier Companies

cTrunk doesn't operate in isolation; it seamlessly synchronizes schedules with partner courier companies. The integration of external data into the software streamlines collaboration, making cross-company operations efficient and error-free.

User and Department Management

cTrunk understands the importance of organizational structure. With accommodation for three users per account per branch, each assigned distinct roles and permissions, the software allows different departments to manage tasks independently. This feature ensures a tailored approach to invoicing and other critical functions.

Dashboard and Automated Billing

The intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of crucial metrics, offering insights into total bookings, outstanding invoices, new customers, and monthly revenues. Automation takes center stage with cTrunk, as the software allows for the generation and delivery of invoices directly to users' inboxes.

Smart Parcel Tracking and Barcode Management

Efficiency is at the heart of cTrunk's design, as demonstrated by its capability to manage unique barcodes assigned to each parcel. The software streamlines the tracking of incoming and outgoing deliveries, making operations quicker and more efficient.


cTrunk's feature-rich courier software is a game-changer for transport companies, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline daily operations. From onboarding and migration support to customization, integration, and automation, cTrunk is the catalyst for enhanced efficiency in the logistics industry. Embrace the future of logistics with cTrunk – where innovation meets seamless functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cTrunk emphasizes automation in billing processes. The software allows users to streamline their invoicing procedures by generating and delivering invoices directly to users' inboxes. This automation not only saves time but also enhances accuracy in billing, contributing to a more efficient and error-free financial workflow.

Yes, cTrunk provides support and training resources for users who may be unfamiliar with the dashboard or automated billing features. The aim is to ensure that users can maximize the benefits of the software by understanding its functionalities and leveraging them effectively in their operations.

Transport management software, like cTrunk, is crucial for simplifying and optimizing logistics. It offers onboarding and migration support, customization, and website integration. You can seamlessly coordinate with partner courier companies, configure notifications, and access detailed reports. The user-friendly dashboard and automated billing streamline operations, making it essential for efficient multi-branch logistics and barcode management.

When it comes to managing a transport business effectively, cTrunk stands out as top-notch software. It simplifies logistics with onboarding support, customization, and seamless coordination with partner courier companies. The user-friendly dashboard and automated billing make it the go-to choice for efficient multi-branch logistics and barcode management.