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Automate carrier procurement, shipment tracking, and freight cost management with a superb courier software like cTrunk!

Managing Challenges

Unlocking Operational Excellence with cTrunk: Revolutionizing Freight Logistics

At cTrunk, we take pride in being the catalyst for transformative change in the dynamic world of freight logistics. If Freight companies encounter the challenges of managing a rapidly growing business with operations spanning multiple branches and collaborations with diverse courier partners, they turn to us for a game-changing solution.

Traditional operational processes involve manual tasks.
Absence of up-to-the-minute tracking capabilities.
Communication processes that lack effectiveness and optimization.
A billing process characterized by complexity and intricacy.
Restriction in tailoring or personalizing according to specific needs.
Difficulties encountered in managing operations across multiple branches.
Insufficient handling and organization of barcode-related processes.
Absence of accessibility through mobile devices.

Solving Problems

The cTrunk Solution

Seamless Integration Through Expert Onboarding

Our intuitive design and hands-on on boarding support becomes the cornerstone of a seamless transition. The proficient support team guides their staff through the set-up, ensuring a swift understanding of our software's functionalities.

Effortless Migration and Data Consolidation

Transforming existing bookings can be a daunting task, but we will simplify the process by facilitating the seamless import of your bookings data. This not only saves crucial time but also improves data accuracy during the transfer, instilling confidence in their operational data.

Tailored Customization for a Distinct Brand Identity

Maintaining a unique brand identity is paramount. cTrunk's white-label offering empowers freight companies to personalize invoices and more. This not only elevates their professional image but also significantly boosts brand recognition among their clients.

Unified Operations Across Multiple Branches

The complexity of managing operations across multiple branches becomes a thing of the past with cTrunk. Our multi-branch support can become your central command center, offering efficient tracking and management of freight activities across diverse locations.

Real-Time Client Communication

Client satisfaction is a priority, and cTrunk's email and SMS notification system elevates Freight companies’ communication game. Configurable alerts for successful deliveries provided real-time updates to both senders and recipients, enhancing transparency and client satisfaction.

Streamlined Logistics and Barcode Management

Freight logistics involves numerous parcels, each with a unique identifier. cTrunk's barcode management system streamlines tracking processes, simplifying the management of team and bookings.

Comprehensive Financial Insights with Smart Revenue Monitoring

Understanding financial metrics is key to success. cTrunk's smart revenue monitoring provides Freight companies with a consolidated overview of monthly revenues, outstanding invoices, and overall financial health in a convenient dashboard.

Mobile Flexibility for On-the-Go Operations

In the fast-paced world of freight, mobility is non-negotiable. The cTrunk mobile app empowers Freight Solutions to experience the power of our features on the go, ensuring that critical logistics information is always at their fingertips.

The cTrunk Impact

cTrunk becomes an essential asset for Freight companies to gain a competitive edge. Our user-friendly and flexible platform drives optimal processes and establishes them as leaders in freight logistics.


Frequently Asked Questions

cTrunk freight management software offers business details updating functionality – where you can white-label your business. Other features are not customizable at the moment.


Freight management software, like cTrunk, brings multiple benefits to your business. Firstly, it offers intuitive onboarding support with a helpful crew to guide you. The software ensures a smooth transition by simplifying the migration process and allowing extensive customization, creating a professional brand image. Integration with your website enhances credibility, and syncing with partner courier companies streamlines schedules. Email/SMS notifications keep you informed, while detailed reporting and a user-friendly dashboard offer insights into crucial metrics. With features like multi-branch support and barcode management, cTrunk enhances efficiency in managing and tracking operations across various branches, making freight management more streamlined and effective.

Freight management software, like cTrunk, is crucial because it simplifies and enhances various aspects of handling shipments. It provides a user-friendly experience, guiding users through initial use with a helpful support team.