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Streamline your shipping business with courier shipping software like cTrunk! An integrated program to handle your ins and outs, this is what you get with us!

Managing Challenges

Shipping Management software: Beat your competitors in a 10X better way!

In the dynamic world of shipping, where precision and efficiency are paramount, cTrunk's shipping software emerges as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive suite of features to streamline daily operations for shipping companies.

Traditional task format.
Complex and confusing billing.
Poor barcode handling.
Lack of phone or tablet accessibility.
Inflexible adjustments.
Difficulty managing multiple locations.
No instant tracking.
Poor communication effectiveness.

Solving Problems

The cTrunk Solution

Onboarding Support

cTrunk's user-friendly design is complemented by a dedicated support team, guiding shipping companies seamlessly through the initial stages of adopting the software, ensuring a quick and hassle-free onboarding experience.

Migration Support

Transitioning to cTrunk is a breeze with its seamless import feature. The software facilitates the smooth transfer of existing bookings, ensuring continuity and efficiency without disruptions.


cTrunk goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Its white-label offering allows extensive personalization, from logos to invoices, creating a branded and professional experience for clients.

Business Integration

Enhance online credibility by seamlessly integrating cTrunk with your details. Present accurate business details and enable clients to engage effortlessly, creating a seamless online presence.

Email/SMS Notifications

Configure personalized alerts for specific booking events. Whether it's email, SMS, or WhatsApp, cTrunk ensures timely communication, including successful delivery notifications for senders.

Invoice Settlements

Access and download invoice totals directly from the portal, with the flexibility to dispatch them via email, streamlining the invoicing process.

Multi-Branch Support

Empower your team with cTrunk's user and department management features. Accommodate multiple users per account, each with distinct roles and permissions, fostering independent task management. Efficiently manage and track operations across multiple branches and business entities, ensuring centralized control and visibility.

Automated Billing & Dashboard

Experience efficiency with automated invoice generation and delivery to your inbox, saving time and reducing manual workload Gain insights immediately with cTrunk's dashboard, offering a comprehensive overview of key metrics such as total bookings, outstanding invoices, new customers, and monthly revenues.

Barcode Management & Mobile App

Effectively manage unique barcodes assigned to each parcel or document, enhancing accuracy and traceability. Experience the power of cTrunk's shipping management software on the go with the mobile app, ensuring flexibility and accessibility anytime, anywhere.

The cTrunk Impact

cTrunk's shipping software is a holistic solution that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern shipping operations, offering a seamless, customizable, and efficient experience that elevates the standards of the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

cTrunk streamlines the invoicing process by offering direct access to download invoice totals from the portal. Users can effortlessly dispatch these invoices via email, ensuring a straightforward and efficient settlement process for managing financial transactions within the courier industry.

The white label offering in cTrunk's customization feature refers to the ability for users to personalize and brand the software extensively. This includes incorporating their own logos and customizing invoices, ensuring a seamless integration of cTrunk into their brand identity for a more professional and tailored client experience.

Shipping software is employed by commercial enterprises to enhance the efficiency of shipping operations.