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cTrunk software for courier management empowers CEP – courier, express & parcel industry by simplifying day-to-day operations

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Why cTrunk

cTrunk - Courier Software: Couriering Excel-free & Hassle-free!

cTrunk is an AI-based cloud courier management software created to empower the courier industry by assisting day-to-day courier operations. We connect domestic and international logistics & courier operations seamlessly with our advanced online mechanism, enabling courier operators to manage and track their parcels efficiently.

Increase Efficiency

With cTrunk’s courier software, businesses can say goodbye to the problems of handling numerous clients and accounts with limited resources. The intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights into important courier activities, enabling owners to make informed decisions and increase overall efficiency.

Boost Scalability

cTrunk’s software for courier management empowers the CEP industry with a scalable solution that tracks parcel & client account records while providing multiple reports. Its seamless integration and adaptability are valuable assets for businesses aiming to enhance scalability and serve a growing customer base.

Improve ROI

Gaining insights into the income and expenses of each courier and logistics business activity enables them to optimize their processes and enhance their financial outcomes, leading to a significant improvement in return on investment (ROI) and overall business performance.

Courier Software Features

cTrunk’s Offerings

Our all-in-one courier management software offers features and functionalities to effortlessly manage your couriers, finances, and analyze your entire courier business. With cTrunk, you can reduce workload, increase efficiency, generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.


It presents total bookings, pending bills, new clients (current month), monthly business, etc.

Automated Billing

Generate bills automatically and receive them via emails.

Multi Branch Support

Ability to track and manage multiple branches and enterprises.

Barcode Management

Helps maintain the bar codes assigned to each parcel/document.

Detailed Reporting

Generate detailed reports of parcels, carriers and other logistical elements.

SMS and Email Support

Real-time SMS and Email notifications to the recipients after the parcel is delivered.

Smart Revenue Monitoring

Track and analyze your revenue and expenditure in one place.

Smart Parcel Logistics

Handle deliveries to and from your office speedily and with ease.

cTrunk Mobile App

Avail these features in the courier software on mobile app as well.


Flexible Parcel Booking

When it comes to booking courier or cargo, you have the flexibility to choose the payment method that suits you best.

  • Account Booking: Settle the payment at the end of the month
  • Cash Booking: Book each courier separately and make individual payments.
  • Applicable for both Domestic & International courier booking


Seamless Invoicing Method

With our robust billing module, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manually tracking and sending individual bills to customers.

  • Hassle-free billing
  • Lightning-fast generation
  • Instant SMS & email notification

Courier Accounting Software

Maintain Accurate Account Records

With cTrunk’s Bill Ledger, you can maintain accounting and finance records in a centralized location, complete with detailed information for each client, specific dates, and amounts.

  • Track Your Entire Accounting in One Place
  • Access Data for a Specific Time Frame
  • Easily Print and Send Client's Account Details

Courier Management Software
@ ₹250/month* only

Stimulate your entire delivery process with the ultimate courier management software – cTrunk.​

cTrunk - Online Platform for Logistics Businesses

Your Digitalized Partner for Logistics & Courier Management

Manage numerous clients and massive amounts of data

Dashboard to analyze courier activities such as Total bookings, Bill amount, Packages, Parcel types, Monthly revenue and many more.

Require fewer personnel to handle all procedures.

SaaS software with data security

Notify clients of package status

Handle your business from anywhere on desktop and mobile version

Inexpensive management solution

Scalability from inception to completion


What Our Clients Say

Discover how cTrunk is helping clients achieve their business goals with our innovative solution. From booking to accounting and generating reports, cTrunk simplifies and enhances every aspect of courier operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Courier management software is a business solution for courier companies to regulate daily courier delivery tasks booking, tracking, billing, and messaging for clients. It helps to reduce dependency, and workload and streamline the whole delivery process.

Yes, cTrunk is the best fit for small courier agencies because it minimizes workload and offers efficiency to daily activities at a low cost.

Yes, courier agencies can operate their business on both desktop and mobile versions.

Because it not only reduces complex daily workload activities, but also helps in visibility of parcel process, keeping your data on one platform, and importantly giving real-time notification alerts to customers, which raises their trust and satisfaction.


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