10 Best Courier Service Providers in 2024

The key to providing successful courier service is end-user satisfaction. This aspect depends on a few factors.

These factors include:

  • Product safety in transit
  • The type of route being used for shipment
  • Delivery time

The type of route determines both the safety and the delivery time for the shipment of the product.

Apart from this, courier companies need to take care of internal backend operations that come under the supply chain management.

With the increased number of eCommerce platforms worldwide, courier companies in India have exponentially increased in number and have had their chance to improve their operations for higher consumer satisfaction.

Some companies take care of all the above aspects diligently and some do not.

Are you looking for the best courier service provider in the year 2024? Then this blog might help you out with that.

We will list down the top 10 best courier service providers in 2024.

10 Best Courier Companies in 2024:

1. Delhivery

Delhivery among the courier service providers has climbed the ladder of success in the courier industry since its inception in the year 2011. It specifically caters to the eCommerce industry. It has become one of the top choices of more than 10,000 customers including numerous eCommerce businesses.

Its services are powerful, especially in reverse logistics, Cash On Delivery (COD), and expedited deliveries. Delhivery also offers API integration for automated shipping processes and order management, making it a reliable and efficient shipping partner.

2. Blue Dart

Started in 1983, Blue Dart has since become a prominent leader in the courier industry covering a wide network of more than 35,000 pin codes domestically and serving over 220 countries worldwide. Blue Dart’s comprehensive services include Cash On Delivery (COD), proof-of-delivery automation, weather-resistant packaging, and various express delivery choices.

Just like Delhivery, it also offers API but with tracking capabilities for real-time order monitoring, ensuring a smooth and reliable shipping experience for e-commerce companies.

3. FedEx

Originating in the United States, FedEx has made its way to India and various other countries by spreading its wings and making a huge impact on the courier industry. It has established itself as a top courier service for eCommerce businesses in India.

It is especially known for handling diverse products efficiently ranging from heavyweight items, and fragile goods, to high-value products. The FedEx Shipping API connects online stores to their flagship services, enabling smooth shipping label creation and order management.


DTDC (Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo) Express Limited serves as the Indian division of a significant global logistics company. For eCommerce businesses, DTDC offers a wide array of delivery options, allowing them to tailor shipments based on customer preferences.

Their services encompass various features, such as Cash on Delivery (COD), collect-on-delivery, bulk shipping, heavyweight shipping, and express delivery. By leveraging the DTDC API, eCommerce companies can enhance their shipping operations, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline their logistics management efficiently.

5. Shadowfax

In 2015, Shadowfax emerged as a courier company in India, aiming to tackle the last-mile delivery challenges in the logistics sector. With a dedicated workforce of 2.5 million riders, Shadowfax has become one of India’s fastest hyperlocal delivery companies.

Offering both forward and reverse logistics services, including real-time order tracking and COD payments, Shadowfax stands out for its exceptional reach to even remote areas of the country.

6. Aramax

Aramax is a UAE-based courier and package industry which has extended its services by covering Indian PIN codes as well. It caters to e-commerce businesses by providing delivery services and supporting the creation of online stores.

Aramex offers scalable solutions, state-of-the-art warehouses, and a customer-centric approach with 24/7 support. They are very much committed to environmental sustainability and are praised for their efforts to conduct eco-friendly courier operations all across the courier industry.

7. DHL

DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn) stands as another major international courier service provider catering to the needs of eCommerce in India. Same as Aramax, DHL is focused on the environmental impact caused due to the courier and logistics industry and makes efforts to minimize it.

It also offers shipping insurance and optimization for the shipments through a well-connected distribution network. It also provides the Same Day and Next Day deliveries for urgent shipments making it a reliable and sustainable choice for both domestic and international courier services.

8. Ekart Logistics

Established in 2009 as Flipkart’s in-house logistics arm, Ekart Logistics has since grown to provide reliable first-mile and last-mile delivery services and courier services, reaching an extensive network of over 3800 pin codes across India. Its robust API allows users to connect with multiple online marketplaces and payment gateways.

It also has amazing features like real-time tracking and transparent delivery processes that further enhance customer satisfaction.

9. India Post

India Post has long been hailed as the country’s premier courier delivery service, boasting a rich legacy of over 160 years in efficiently delivering mail and other crucial goods across India. It has introduced specialized services for e-commerce businesses, including warehousing, expedited delivery, and live track and trace features. India Post also accepts COD payments, providing added convenience for customers.

10. Xpressbees

Xpressbees has earned the trust of successful e-commerce businesses over the years by emerging as a reliable courier company in the B2B and B2C logistics, and cross-border logistics sectors since its establishment in 2015. It is known for its swift deliveries and end-to-end shipment visibility. It also has large well-equipped facilities which ensure seamless warehouse operations for businesses.

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