Your Guide to the Best Courier Software of 2024 – till the Last Mile!

Couriers, the backbone of our modern world – where courier delivery guys are zipping through traffic like caffeine-fueled superheroes. Courier delivery businesses deliver everything from puppies to pizzas (hopefully not at the same time). But behind the scenes of every successful courier business lies one secret weapon amongst many: courier software.  

Think of it as a brain powering the body of your delivery business. They optimize routes, track packages & keep customers informed. But which courier software should you choose amongst a labyrinth of options? Let us make it easy for you!  

We’ll explore the top 10 best courier software with their strengths, weaknesses & everything-in-between – so you can confidently choose the software with laser-sharp precision.  

Best Courier Software for Courier Companies in 2024: 

1. Route4Me 

Picture a route optimizing ninja for courier businesses, and that is what route4me is. It is a route planning and optimization software with multiple benefits. Self-hosted solutions often offer the advantages of data control and security, but they also come with challenges related to scalability and costs. Route4me, fortunately is not a self-hosted software.  

The Pros of this courier software are:  

  • You wouldn’t have to purchase any expensive hardware to purchase or install. 
  • Compatibility with multiple devices and browsers, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 
  • There are Frequent software updates with no additional cost. 
  • It saves Time and costs related to route planning, driving, and environmental impact. 
  • It Syncs with mobile devices for real-time route planning and tracking. 

However, there are a few cons to be considered too:  

  • A few ongoing subscriptions costs. 
  • It is Dependent on internet connectivity. 
  • Customization processes are limited compared to self-hosted software. 
  • Data security and privacy concerns. 

2. cTrunk  

cTrunk has rapidly emerged as a premium software solution for simplifying operations and scaling. By consolidating a vast array of components from migration tools to crucial logistics metrics – it enables a seamless transfer of existing data. If you want to heighten your efficiency – this is the go-to software for you. The smart revenue monitoring feature gives you data driven insights to manage multiple insights. Whether it’s intuitive dashboard functionality or multi-user permissions – this courier software has it all! cTrunk is a cost-effective SaaS solution for courier companies who wants to manage multiple franchises with minimal cost. 


  • There are superb efforts behind Onboarding and data migration which make adopting cTrunk smooth and easy 
  • Highly customizable with white label options to fit business branding 
  • The courier software can be white labelled as per one’s own branding 
  • Multi-brand support helps you scale in a great way 
  • Dashboard, reporting, and tracking provide data insights 
  • Automation of billing, barcode management, and parcel handling saves time 
  • Mobile access gives you complete flexibility and updates  


  • Potentially costly to customize and integrate with other platforms 
  • Multi-branch support and custom roles add some complexity 

3. Onfleet 

Onfleet is the classic concept of “delivery meets uber”. This courier management software connects with an independent fleet of drivers, making it ideal for on-demand deliveries. Its sleek interface and superb accessible driver program is perfect for businesses with a ‘gig economy’ vibe. It is used by thousands of companies across multiple industries. These industries include courier, food and beverage, retail, ecommerce & more. Advanced logistics capabilities, seamless integration & developer-friendly API is a huge plus.  


  • It has advanced route optimization and real-time fleet tracking 
  • A delightful fact: customer experience with automatic status updates and proof of delivery 
  • There are Comprehensive analytics for improved productivity as well as efficiency 
  • It has Seamless integration capabilities with various platforms and a developer-friendly API 
  • It is Highly reliable, stable, and secure, with a 99.99% uptime and SOC2 compliance 
  • It is User-friendly and has an easy onboarding process 


  • Some of us might find the software to be complex and with features that require time to learn 
  • Certain features which they have published as ‘add-ons’, are sometimes ‘drawbacks’ for the users.  
  • There needs to be more optimized route planning based on start/end locations.  

4. ShipDay 

Want to automate your workflow? Let ShipDay hold your hand in automating tasks like label printing, shipping document generation & even carrier comparisons. What more could you ask for? Shipday is delivery specific courier software that has received a lot of praise for its ease of use, responsive app & excellent customer service. If you are in a hunt for increased revenue, reduced labor costs and improved efficiency – this is your go to platform. Its web-based availability and well-organized dispatch system as well as analytics – make it a favorite amongst customers. However, some customers or drivers have mentioned occasional bugging issues & it does not have dedicated dispatch software.  


  • It is extremely Easy to use and implement in your business. 
  • It has a responsive app with features to support drivers. 
  • It boasts a well-organized and productive dispatch system. 
  • People see an Increase in revenue, reduced labor costs, and improved efficiency 
  • It is a great option for small businesses looking to manage local deliveries effectively 


  •  Random bugs hamper your work occasionally  
  • It does not have a dedicated dispatching software or app 

5. Loginext Mile  

Loginext mile is your best logistics planner and works superbly as courier software. It optimizes deliveries, tracks driver progress and even analyzes performance for giving you multiple chances of breakthroughs.  It is automation software which can improve your delivery operations with real-time visibility across the board!  Some of the pros and cons we found interesting are:  


  • To reduce delivery times & increase efficiency – the real time tracking & route optimization features are a gem.  
  • It has great AP Integration possibility & a user-friendly dashboard.  
  • Positive user experiences are added in high numbers with this software – which enhances your value for money and the high ratings signal its credibility.  


  • There are sometimes device size issues for tracking shipments  
  • There are a few issues with an ideal mode for multiple deliveries at the same place 

6. GSM Tasks 

If you are on a pocket-friendly budget, your best option is GSM Tasks. It is an open-source software that offers basic route planning & is designed for various industries. It also offers a free trial without the need for a credit card – thus proving its credibility without any financial commitments. It has ample versatility for managing diverse tasks & workforces which could be a huge plus for small and medium-sized courier businesses.  


  • Crucial time management possibility  
  • Live tracking feature is quite helpful  
  • Clear data visualization helps you be on top of every plan and decision  
  • Customer service is executed in a paperless manner  
  • Complex multi-stop routes can be easily optimized with route optimization feature 
  • Task management can be done in an instant with easy drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • Drivers can be tracked in real time along with tasks 
  • Affordable pricing and a free trial without the need for a credit card 
  • Easy to learn and use without hampering your daily processes 


  • The absence of a free version could deter potential users from trying the software 
  • Customer response times are not good enough which leads to dissatisfaction  

7. Fleet Complete  

Fleet Complete goes beyond just deliveries & Order-tracking. It is an expert GPS fleet management & asset tracking solution which can be quite beneficial. It has a comprehensive suite of tools which can manage your tools, including vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring & even driver safety! Quite a handy tool, isn’t it? Your fleet, deliveries and operations – merely at your fingertips. This tool doesn’t stop at neck-deep flexibility and visibility – it helps vendors and businesses complete more jobs in a day, lessened route diversions & excellent support.  


  • It is easy to set up in your existing business processes & maintain.  
  • Flexible configuration – the best point about this software 
  • This software provides event tracking and reporting features which are important for analytics  
  • It has real-time monitoring features for your drivers and users alike and optimization of fleet performance 


  • There are frequent Issues with customer and technical support, such as unresponsiveness to emails and phone calls 
  • Some users frequently ask for certain features to be updated  

8. Tookan  

Tookan is a software that offers salvation in delivery management issues. When you are managing a business plagued by missed deadlines and frustrated customers – Tookan could help you optimize your processes in a great way. Robust automation eliminates the double-edged sword of deliveries and missed deadlines – as your customers are always kept in the loop of all delays or updates about their specific deliveries. Their white labelled apps can allow businesses to embed their business systems with personalized branding – showcasing each business’ credibility in the best way possible!  


  • It is a feature rich product that can be easily customized.  
  • Administration and dispatch interfaces are your best friends – as they can transform your processes.  
  • Great platform for new start-up courier businesses seeking a turn-key solution 
  • One stop shop for all businesses who are looking for a sales system  
  • No need for maintaining different platforms for shipping & deliveries  


  • Need to improve customer support services and flexibility 
  • Some users have reported issues with stability and refunding 

Wrapping up,  

These are top heroes that we think could help you in your workout and summon your business success! Leave us your opinions – as to which software works best for your business.