How To Start A Courier Business In India

Net banking and electronic money led people toward online shopping, which ultimately helped courier businesses in the area. It is no secret that the courier industry is booming in the digital age. Starting a courier business in India seems like an attractive way to make money with minimal investment.

We, as humans, want things to flow smoothly and efficiently. In the Neolithic Age, the wheel was used to transport people and things from place to place. Through it, our ancestors could move and transport resources around the world.

With many technological advancements over the past few years, it is simpler than ever to set up and manage a courier service. In this article, we will discuss all the steps involved in starting a successful courier business in India, from obtaining the necessary license to building an efficient workforce.

Similarly, in current times also, with one of the world’s largest populations, India presents ample opportunities for delivery and parcel businesses as electronic commerce continues to increase each year exponentially. Despite its great potential, however, starting a courier business requires extensive knowledge about the industry itself as well as necessary steps on how to establish it from scratch.

To that end, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to start a courier business in India today?

What constitutes a Courier Business?

A courier business specializes in the transportation of packages, documents, and other small items from one location to another. These enterprises provide a crucial service for individuals, small-scale businesses, and large corporations that require fast and reliable sending and receiving of items

Courier businesses come in various types, each offering distinct services and delivery options. Some focus on local deliveries, while others specialize in long-distance or international shipments. Certain companies provide same-day delivery, whereas others ensure next-day or even two-day delivery. 

Moreover, some courier businesses offer specialized services such as temperature-controlled transportation for perishable goods or secure transportation for valuable or sensitive items.

How to commence a courier business in India today?

1. Conduct thorough market research:

The initial step in starting a courier business entails conducting comprehensive market research to understand the demand for courier services in your area. Analyze the competition, target audience, and commonly transported packages within your region. This will aid in identifying market gaps and tailoring your services accordingly.

2. Develop a robust business plan:

Once you have gained a clear understanding of the market dynamics, the subsequent step involves formulating a robust business plan. This plan should encompass details about your target audience, the range of services you intend to offer, cost considerations, as well as marketing and sales strategies designed to attract customers.

3. Register your business:

To embark on a courier business in India, it is imperative to register your enterprise with the relevant authorities. This includes acquiring a Trade License, a PAN (Permanent Account Number), and registering for GST (Goods and Services Tax). Depending on the nature of your business and the location of your operations, you may also need to obtain additional licenses and permits.

4. Obtain the necessary insurance:

Securing adequate insurance coverage is essential to safeguard your business and its assets. This encompasses liability insurance to cover any unforeseen damages that may occur while handling packages, as well as vehicle insurance to protect against damages to your delivery vehicles.

5. Establish an online presence:

In today’s digital age, establishing an online presence is crucial for any business. A well-designed website will enable you to reach a broader audience and facilitate convenient order placement and package tracking for your customers. You can either create your own website or leverage third-party platforms like Amazon or eBay to offer your services online.

6. Procure suitable delivery vehicles:

Reliable transportation is indispensable for delivering packages to your customers. Depending on the size and volume of packages you will handle, this could range from motorcycles and cars to vans and trucks.

7. Recruit a competent workforce:

As your business expands, you may need to hire additional staff to assist with package delivery and handling. This may include delivery drivers, customer service representatives, and warehouse personnel.

8. Promote your business:

Promotion is crucial for attracting customers and fostering business growth. This can be achieved through various means, including social media advertising, local classifieds, print media, and offering enticing discounts and promotions to entice new customers.

How A Courier Management System Can Enhance Your Courier Business

Utilizing a Courier Management System (CMS) can provide numerous advantages when starting your own courier business. CMS is a specialized business software designed to streamline courier management and routing processes, simplifying various tasks involved in the delivery operations. By incorporating a CMS into your business, you can benefit from the following features:

Efficient Route Planning and Optimization:

One of the key benefits of a CMS is its ability to plan and optimize delivery routes effectively. This feature ensures that your courier drivers can navigate the most efficient paths, saving time and reducing fuel costs. By minimizing unnecessary detours and maximizing delivery efficiency, you can enhance the overall productivity of your business.

Streamlined Courier Tracking and Scheduling:

With a CMS, you can easily track and schedule couriers, allowing for streamlined delivery solutions. This feature enables you to monitor the progress of each delivery, ensuring timely and accurate service. By effectively managing courier schedules, you can improve customer satisfaction by providing reliable delivery estimates.

Insightful Analysis of Courier Performance:

A courier software provides reliable insights into your courier performance, allowing you to analyze key metrics and make data-driven decisions. By examining delivery data, you can identify areas for improvement, optimize resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency. These valuable insights help you refine your business strategies and achieve better outcomes.

Package Tracking and Availability Elimination:

The ability to track packages in real-time is a crucial aspect of any courier business. A CMS offers a comprehensive package tracking feature, allowing you to monitor the whereabouts of each item during the delivery process. This helps eliminate availability issues by providing accurate information to both customers and couriers, ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

Accurate Delivery Estimates and Handling Difficult Shipping Issues:

Shipping can present various challenges, such as unforeseen delays or complex logistics. A CMS assists in tackling these issues by providing accurate delivery estimates based on historical data and real-time conditions. By offering precise information about potential obstacles or bottlenecks, you can proactively address challenges and maintain customer satisfaction.

Real-time Customer Updates and Delivery Confirmation:

Keeping your customers informed about the status of their deliveries is crucial for building trust and ensuring a positive experience. A CMS enables you to provide real-time updates to customers, keeping them informed about the progress of their packages. Additionally, delivery confirmation notifications can be sent once a package has been successfully delivered, further enhancing customer satisfaction.


Deciding to start your own business is a significant life-changing decision. If you find yourself uncertain about which business venture to pursue, the courier industry may offer a compelling option. Not only is the industry experiencing rapid growth, but it also provides an essential service that will always be in demand. Therefore, if you are considering launching your own business, conduct thorough research on the courier industry and determine if it aligns with your aspirations.

With Wings Tech, you can develop On-Demand Courier Delivery Apps/Websites. Besides being lucrative, it offers practical considerations as well. Starting your own courier business doesn’t take much time or effort. The key to establishing a successful courier business is reliable transportation.  Put your efforts into growing and strengthening your business.

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